Matcha Green Tea Soap Bar


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Our matcha green tea  soap bar is an ultimate indulgence kind of soap.  A bar like this pampers you in a natural way that we hope you will love. We filled it with the goodness of antioxidants that can only come from high-quality green tea oil, butter, and extracts. When we added in the goodness of shea and avocado butters, this bar went over the top.

There is a bit of borage oil, as well, to complete the luxury.  Borage is an oil that is so delicate it will make you feel as though you have entered a new phase in you skin care. Why shouldn’t soap be indulgent and lovely to look at all at the same time?  Our other organic coconut, rice bran, and olive oils finish off this bar, along with a light refreshing matcha-scented essence. We make this new special soap in small batches on our little farm on Madeline Island in Lake Superior.