rows of handmade soap bars

Who doesn’t love good reviews?

We wanted to share these lovely reviews you’ve sent. At Lake Superior Soap Co., we strive to make natural, handmade soaps that are gentle, luxurious, and beautiful. We love our soaps, but we also love that you love them! Here are some recent reviews we’ve received.

“I just received my order of scented, shaped soaps. They are beautiful! I am absolutely thrilled with them.”

Summer Rain Soap Bar | “Thank you so much! I got my soap today. My boyfriend and I went with two of our friends to Madeline Island in Late September, and we are avid soap buyers. He has this thing where he has to buy soap everywhere we go. The Summer Rain is now his favorite soap of all time. We were both sad when it ran out, so we had to buy more!”

Fancy Peony Shaped Soap | “Great for a gift and great smell. Thank you!!”

pink and white peony shaped soap





Lake Effect Soap Bar | “I was on Madeline Island the September weekend of the 9th and stopped into the Madeline Island Candle Shop and purchased besides several candles, one of your soaps called Lake Effect.  I brought it home and just loved the smell and was sorry that I had not purchased several.  I contacted the candle shop online and they were nice enough to email me back and tell me about Lake Superior Soap Company online.  I will be purchasing several of your soaps for stocking stuffers for family and friends this year.  Thank you for making a lovely product!”

Daffodil Shaped Soap | “Extremely well made; simply beautiful!”

white daffodil shaped soap