Our Philosophy – Lake Superior Soaps Co.

Island Thinkng

When we first moved to Madeline Island, someone at the recycling center told me, “It is our responsibility as Islanders to not bring anything to the island that will have to be taken off again.” We strive to live this way and it follows that our products follow this philosophy of responsible and sustainable living, production, and purchasing.

We take the time to find the best materials and ingredients for our products. We use as much as we can of things that are locally grown. Our goats provide milk and the bees provide honey for our soaps. The sheep provide wool for our soap stones. The flowers and herbs we use are grown right here on the farm. Even the ropes we use for our soap-on-a-rope come from the linen warp ends left over from weaving our wool rugs.

Ingredients that do not come from the farm are sourced as locally as possible and we are always looking for new and closer vendors that grow organic and sustainable products.

Of course, there are exceptions, like Argan Oil, which only comes from Morocco. Yet, even here we look for sustainable and organically grown and harvested oils.

Look for future blog posts about each of the oils and ingredients that we use. We will discuss their sources, their uses, and their benefits to you.


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