The Benefits of Black Sea Salt in Soap

   Let’s talk about black sea salt for a minute. I was asked to find a good source of natural black sea salt. It is an ingredient that is said to have substantial health and skincare benefits.  My husband and I started using it in our cooking because we are getting older and need to watch our blood pressure. Regular …

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Lambing Season Is Upon Us

Lambing season is here!Early Valentine’s Day morning, my husband walks in from the barn and says,  “Oh, by the way, you have twins!” I grab my overalls and jacket and run out to the barn as quick as my Sorels can carry me. There they are, standing by mom in the morning sunlight.  I approach slowly and I hear mom …

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Winter on Madeline Island

Winter on Madeline Island is the season where Lake Superior is frozen, and all is relatively quiet on our farm.  If we want to leave our island home, all we have to do is drive right onto the ice road to cross the frozen lake to the mainland. It’s a time of preparation and reflection. The snow lies thick on …

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December 2017 News | New Soaps!

We have some new soaps for our handmade soap bar line, and we are so excited about them! 1. Saucy Santa | Just in time for the holidays, our saucy Santa soap bar is spicy and balsam fir-y. Think of it as the holidays with a little kick. 2. Eucalyptus | Our spearmint & eucalyptus soap bar was so popular, …

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Soap Butters Are Wonderful

Oh, butter. You are so creamy and decadent! Knowing this, we use different kinds of soap butters in nearly all our soaps at Lake Superior Soap Co. to give your skin some extra love. Here are a couple of our favorite butters! Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter comes from, not surprisingly, the cocoa bean. We loooove that our cocoa butter retains …

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What Is Soap?

I teach a lot of classes on how to make soap. People are fascinated by the process. One question I am often asked is, “Can you make soap without using lye?” The simple answer is no, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The word soap, short for saponification, means a mixture of oils with lye and water. You can …

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