Felted Soap Stones

Each of our felted soap stones is made with our handmade soap inside to take gentle care of your skin.

Felt is the oldest textile fabric, dating as far back as 6300 BCE and predates spinning, weaving, and knitting. It is created from wool fibers that are densely matted together with boiling water, soap, and agitation. To make our felted soaps, we carefully wrap each soap with layers of our lovely merino wool from the sheep here on our farm. The wool is washed, carded, and hand-tinted with natural dyes in our farm studio to make beautiful color combinations. They become colorfast in the drying process, which uses vinegar to set the colors. The wool surrounds the soap and gives you a gentle, washcloth-like scrub while preserving the soap inside, making it last much longer. When the soap is gone, use the felt as a washcloth or a static remover in your dryer.

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