The Benefits of Black Sea Salt in Soap

   Let’s talk about black sea salt for a minute.
black sea salt soap bar
I was asked to find a good source of natural black sea salt. It is an ingredient that is said to have substantial health and skincare benefits.  My husband and I started using it in our cooking because we are getting older and need to watch our blood pressure. Regular salt has a tendency to raise blood pressure while black sea salt does not.  So, I love it and I found a great source from a place where I purchase many of my Moroccan and Indian spices and argan oil.
In addition to the health benefits, black sea salt is also beneficial in skincare. Instead of chemical peels, special soaps, and spas, consider adding black sea salt to your bath water. It works as an excellent healing agent, especially cracked, swollen feet, athlete’s foot, warts, and sprains. Just sit back and let it heal your pain and relieve your worries while you enjoy a truly refreshing bath. When you come out, your body will feel truly rejuvenated.
Note: If your skin is sensitive to irritation, it’s best not to make the water too hot, or you may incur some itchiness.
Then, I decided if it was so good for your skin and general well-being, let’s put it into a soap. So, we did! As a lovely bonus, the salt makes this bar a light exfoliant.  I combined the finer black salt on one layer of the soap and the coarser salt on another layer.  Then, in the blue layer, I added chia seed and moringa seed oils to make this a rich and creamy middle layer to soothe and relax your skin.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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